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Only a Vermont photographer with the right tools and experience can capture your brand and identity in a way that makes an impact on your clients. With over two decades of taking photos professionally, I am dedicated to making my clients look and feel their best.

Throughout the years, my clients have chosen to work with me because I can create images that tell your story and show you in the best possible light. I’ve partnered with local, regional, and national companies, and I am thrilled to help you forge new connections with your customers by raising your brand’s potential.

Here is an overview of my photography expertise:

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Headshot Photography

Making people feel comfortable on camera is what I specialize in. I can help you present yourself professionally with clean and crisp headshots. You can count on my camera to capture your personality in each photo. High-quality headshots are suited for:

-Professional Purposes:
Whether you are a solopreneur or a CEO of a large corporation, tightly-cropped headshots are necessary to convey trust in your company and brand. Or if you are looking for a new position I can take your headshot for your resume.

-Website Purposes:
Your website is critical in establishing trust with your clients and prospects. Having high-quality team and individual photos showcases your business in the best possible light. I can organize a shoot at your facilities that will capture the essence of your business and help build your brand. 

Headshot Photographybag of coffee for Photography services in VT

product Photography

Let your target audience know exactly what you have for sale with professional product photography. If you have ever tried to shoot your own products then you know that fuzzy images or poorly light photographs are a real problem. More importantly, bad photographs are detrimental to the sales of products. I take high-quality photos that clearly detail products.  There is no limit to the kinds of products I can capture:

-Food and Beverages:
Running a food business? Let’s arrange a photoshoot for the dishes and drinks you offer.

Whether you sell alcoholic drinks, perfume bottles, or medicine vials, high-quality product photography will make them appear vibrant and professional.

Do you sell handheld gadgets? Perhaps you have large appliances in your store. Allow me to take photos of these items for your shop.

product photographyfront door of clinic shot by Photography services in vermont

commercial Photography

Photography for commercial or advertising purposes is used to convince your audience to support your business. Unlike product photography, which focuses on single subjects, commercial photography aims to capture feelings and the essence of a business. I can help capture your company's culture in the best possible way. 

-Websites: You only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression when someone visits your website. It is critical that you build trust and impart confidence to your website visitors. Nothing erodes trust like run-of-the-mill stock photography. I can help set your company apart by creating unique images and capturing who you are as a company. 

-Print Advertising: I can take product or team shots for your next advertising campaign. I have worked in print and magazine advertising for years and I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ll make sure that your ads are presented in the best way possible.

-Online Ads: I can provide you with photos for online advertising campaigns. Whether you are running Google Ads or promoting your Facebook posts, I can provide images that will resonate with your prospects and get them to engage with your content.

commercial photographyold photograph restored by Photography services in vermont

Photography restoration

Do you have any old photographs that are in desperate need of restoration?

I specialize in photo restoration, so I can bring your photos back to life. I understand how important these memories are, so I will take great care in restoring them. My years of experience ensure that your photos will be restored to their former glory.

Click the button below to learn more about my photography restoration services.

Photography restoration