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VERMONT Photography Solutions

Bring your story to life. With more than two decades of experience, I bring versatility, professionalism, and ease to a wide range of commercial photography needs.

With decades of experience in capturing and editing photos, Jeremy Baldwin Photography proudly delivers the best photography services Vermont has to offer. Through the years, I have established a loyal clientele. My goal is to help your brand develop its professionalism through high-quality photos. Browse the range of my photography services!

Headshot Photography

Headshot photography aims to capture tight and cropped images of a subject’s face. This service is ideal for professional and corporate purposes. You could be an influencer who needs a clear shot of your head and shoulders for your website, or maybe you’re a business executive gathering photos of your team.Regardless of your reasons, I intend to capture your most flattering angles. You can count on my photography and editing skills to highlight your best features.

Product Photography

Highlight your company’s products with professional product photography. Regardless of the size of the goods you sell, you can rely on my services to capture your items’ most important features.I can take photos of small products like tincture bottles and large products like home appliances. My photos ensure that your customers are satisfied with the products they buy from you since they look exactly like what they saw in the photos.

Commercial Photography

While I can take individual images of your products for sale, I can take your advertising efforts a step further with my commercial Vermont photography services. With decades of experience under my belt, I am confident in my ability to portray moods and feelings in my images. Capturing emotions through your brand’s images is a good tactic in any marketing strategy. After all, pictures speak louder than words. Plus, people are more likely to associate your brand with what they see. As such, consider maximizing your visual appeal with professional shots.


"Jeremy has a magical touch to bring out the very best in people through his photography and he excels at bringing a story and culture to life through his lens. I have worked with Jeremy for years and his professionalism, creativity, eye for the unexpected, and ability to put everyone at ease and deliver above and beyond expectation on every job makes him my go-to photographer for every need."

Joanna Damp

Marketing Consultant
Liberty Mutual

"In my five years leading the U.S. marketing operations from 2013 to 2018 at Viessmann Manufacturing Company, U.S., I had the privilege to work with J as Viessmann’s go-to marketing resource for the highest caliber of photography in mission-critical areas of communications, branding, product support and marketing. J consistently delivered the highest quality of brilliant creative work in a wide range of the company's needs - industrial product photography, documentary photography at annual company events, portraits of senior management, interior photography of the company’s training facilities and catalog photography of the all the company’s wearables for its online store - that enabled Viessmann to maintain its highest standards as premium brand and global leader. J continually impressed a demanding organization and exceeded expectations of a critical senior management team with his creative abilities and idea generation, unbridled enthusiasm and energy, consummate photographic knowledge and problem solving expertise, incredible attention to detail, supreme project management skill and relentless passion, all of which delivered the best photographic product possible for the company. I highly recommend J to any organization looking to raise the bar of its brand potential and maximize its brand image with top notch photography."

Lee Gustafson

Marketing Manager
Viessmann Manufacturing Company, U.S.